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Basement Mold Remediation


Because basements are prone to cool, damp conditions, it is also prone to the growth of mold. In many cases, specifically in finished basements, moisture condenses between the finished wall and the foundation of the home due to lack of air flow and the presence of dark and damp conditions. In fact, this is the perfect habitat for mold to grow, where the materials used to build the interior walls provides the food source for growth. Most likely there is a musty odor that is present in the air also.

Basements that are not finished can also harbor mold. Many of the same factors contribute to its presence: moisture, dampness, lack of airflow and lack of heat are all factors. Simply installing a dehumidifier and adding heat will not solve a problem if mold already exists – and it won’t stop mold from spreading unless you have it treated by a professional.

If this is the case, proper treatment of the walls to expel the mold,/strong> and then sealing of the block, along with a proper dehumidifier can solve the problem. Proper water management and damage repair is the key to ensuring your basement mold problems are treated effectively and don't return.


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Healthy Spaces, LLC serves both residential and commercial customers in the the Greater Rochester NY area by identifying and mitigating mold issues, repairing damage that was already done to a structure, and installing drainage and appropriate waterproofing to help keep future issues from arising. If left untreated, mold can cause health issues, structural damage, and increasing financial costs. Give us a call today and we can help return your building to a healthy space.

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